Saturday, October 2, 2010

happy birthday, son

dear jordin,

i have a responsibility to those i love
to be loving, patient, considerate and kind
to be loyal, respectful and honest
to be appreciative, encouraging and comforting
to share myself and care for myself
to be the best possible "me"


i am not responsible for them
not for their achievements, successes or triumphs
not for their joy, gratification or fullfillment
not for their defeats, failures or disappointments
and NOT for their suicide
for had i been responsible
your death would not have occurred.
~author unknown

another birthday...without you.

who was it that said it got easier with time?
they lied.

the jordin sized hole in my heart stays the same.
still raw around the edges,
still aching with the loss of you

save your mama a seat, son
i'll be there in just a little while

i'll love you, forever and a day

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